Forest Race Marghita

Trail running competition

Extrem Outdoor and sport activities

ex. kayak rafting, via ferrata 

Activities for families and companies

Preventive programs (excursions, camps, etc.)

Who are we?

“Forest Race Marghita” is a running competition on a rugged route, with a medium degree of difficulty

The place of the competition is in te nearby forest of Marghita city. The three-track competition will be organized by the “Run for Freedom” sports club, together with the “Xterra Sport Bihor Sports Club”, for the first time in the spring of 2022. Competitors can register for half marathon, Cross and a Children (Mini) routes!

About us

Our story

Running is an organic part of the Katona Brothers’ lives. Zsolt and Levente consider running as a possibility from God,an activity, that in their personal life has meant – and still mens – not only physical healing, but also spiritual healing and refreshment.

They tasted both the competitiv and the formative character of the Community when they started to participate – reaching even classified results! – in running competitions, which became more and more popular in Romania as well

The time has come, when they would like to share all the personal experiences and adventures with the hometown audience and public

Their entusiasm included Sas Csongor, and also Levente’s wite, Anita, and so, together, they have founded the “Run for Freedom Sports Club”.


Our dream is that Marghita and it’s surroundings 

will become places of healthy, nature loving people, who really form a Community!

Our Goals


Assuming active roles in sports life at regional and national level.


Formation of concepts and promotion of culture and attitude towards sports.


Popularizing respect for the natural environment and a healthy lifestyle.

Trainings and competitions

Ensuring the necessary conditions for training and competitions.

Practicing sports

Ensuring the necessary conditions for practicing sports for the public, because sport is not only the privilege of the champions.


Prevention and popularization of the love of nature in the young generations.

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